Terms & Conditions



1. Payment

A.             PA Computers Ltd (the Company) standard payment terms are cash with order.

B.             Until a satisfactory trading relationship has been established all invoices will be due for settlement immediately. 

C.            All Credit accounts are due for payment within 30 days of the invoice date.

D.            Accounts with outstanding balances shall be placed on credit hold. Support and repair/warranty services will be suspended until the account is brought into order.

E.             Where payment is not received on the due date, the Company reserves the right to charge £5 per statement or correspondence and interest at 5%.

F.             The Company also reserves the right to withdraw the credit terms in paragraph C of this clause and substitute cash with order terms.

                G.            Prices quoted do not include Value Added Tax unless otherwise stated.

                H.            In the event of an order being cancelled by the Buyer, a 30% re-stocking charge will be made.

                I.              Any deposit received for a cancelled order will be refunded minus the charge in paragraph H of this clause.

J.             Preliminary work carried out additionally to that work specified in the relevant quotation or order whether experimentally or otherwise shall be charged for at the prevailing rates.

K.             The Company shall not be responsible for the loss of any data. It is the customers responsibility to maintain a fully functional backup.

L.             All software and renewals MUST be paid in advance.

M.            All Hardware supplies must be paid in advance.


2. Retention of title

A.             The Company and the buyer expressly agree that until The Company has been paid in full for the goods supplied all rights of title shall remain with The Company.

B.             In the event of collapse of trading, any goods supplied by The Company will be clearly marked and  stored for collection by The Company free of additional charge to The Company in accordance with paragraph A of this clause.

                C.            Not withstanding the preceding conditions all risk shall be transferred to the buyer upon delivery.


3. Warranty and Defective Products

A.             The Company guarantees to the buyer that the goods will be free from defect caused by faulty materials or poor workmanship for the period of 12 months from the date of delivery unless a shorter warranty period is specified at the time of purchase.

B.             Under this guarantee The Company will at its option either repair or give a replacement of equivalent quality any goods found to be defective by reason of faulty materials or poor workmanship provided that:

                                                i               The Company is notified within 7 days of the buyer discovering any such defects.

ii              examination by The Company of such goods shall disclose to its satisfaction that such defects exist and have not been caused by misuse, neglect, accident, improper storage or handling or by repairs or alterations not effected by The Company.

                                                iii             All warranties will be voided if “Guarantee seals” are broken.

iv             The Company shall not be responsible for lost data due to the failure of any component in a system.

4. Force Majeure

The seller shall have no liability in respect of failure to deliver or perform or delay in delivering or performing any obligations under this contract due to any cause of whatever nature outside the reasonable control of the seller, including but not limited to civil commotion, strikes, lock-outs, war, fire, accidents, epidemics, force majeure and causes arising from the acts or omissions of the buyer.


5. Telephone Orders

Orders can be accepted by telephone only if a satisfactory trading relationship has been established.

The Company reserves the right to request written confirmation of any order.


6. Subcontracting

The Company reserves the right to subcontract at its discretion any part of the work or the supply of any goods for which the Company provides a quotation.


7. Life Support Equipment, Devices or Systems.

Products sold are not designed for use in life support equipment, devices or systems where malfunction of such products can reasonably be expected to result in a personal injury.


8. Law                    

These terms and conditions shall in all respects be construed under the laws of England.